Reading 3 - Firouz (2004) Developing an Effective and Efficient eLearning Platform

The Web Based Training (WBT) or eLearning is emerging to replace traditional training. "eLearning", is rapidly becoming the preferred route to building and maintaining advanced performance capabilities via improved efficiencies and effectiveness. It transcends the normal classroom mentality in favor of a Web-based method of delivery that meets specific needs and is self-paced, extremely interactive, and measurable. eLearning offers a new way to think about workforce development. eLearning activities on offer range from simple tutorials in Flash or PowerPoint presentation to enterprise-wide learning portals that may offer pre-packaged and custom courseware, individual assessment and monitoring devices, directories of course offerings from different vendors, and support for virtual learning communities. Intranets and the Internet are a natural vehicle for supporting and delivering eLearning. The purpose of this paper is to research the problems with current eLearning platforms and recommend ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of eLearning platforms.