Why is matters?

Economic growth, social development and climate action are heavily dependent on investments in infrastructure, sustainable industrial development and technological progress. In the face of a rapidly changing global economic landscape and increasing inequalities, sustained growth must include industrialization that first of all, makes opportunities accessible to all people, and two, is supported by innovation and resilient infrastructure.

  • Economic benefits: Maintaining or upgrading infrastructure can provide a national, regional and even global economic benefit because its positive aspect is often reflected in an area’s GDP, income and wealth levels, and the employment base in the long run. 
  • Creating Jobs: Industrialization’s job multiplication effect has a positive impact on society. Every one job in manufacturing creates 2.2 jobs in other sectors.
  • Improve livelihoods: It’s about our livelihoods. The growth of new industries means improvement in the standard of living for many of us. Also, if industries pursue sustainability, this approach will have a positive effect on the environment. Climate change affects all us.