UNDP Support to the Implementation

Three main action areas:

  • UNDP’s policy and programme support in the area of sustainable energy for the period of 2017-2021 encompasses three interlinked action areas: reducing the energy access gap, increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy mix and improving the rate of energy efficiency.
  • Across all three areas, UNDP’s support to national governments will include a comprehensive package of technical assistance at the policy and institutional levels as well as on-the-ground investments ranging from local community-level support to nationwide efforts.

Guiding principles for UNDP's work on sustainable energy



1. Context matters

UNDP recognizes that each country faces unique energy challenges to its development objectives and offers a suite of services tailored to each county’s context.

2. Deployment policies for technologies and applications

UNDP focuses on creating the conditions for scaling up the use of technologies, covering the full range of clean energy technologies. UNDP recognizes that the technology mix needed to decarbonize the energy sector will evolve as technological innovations mature and move to market readiness, and as social and environmental concerns associated with some solutions (e.g. nuclear energy) are met with proper response measures.

3. Promotion of sustainable energy sources

UNDP promotes the use of renewable sources such as wind, solar, biomass and small hydro as well as energy efficiency and switching fuels towards a zero-carbon energy system in the future.

4. Integration of social, economic and environmental dimensions

UNDP’s work ensures inclusion of the most vulnerable groups and protection of the environment.

5. Climate and disaster risk-informed

UNDP will work with countries to integrate climate and disaster risk into energy sector interventions to build resilience and to safeguard future gains.

6. Technical excellence

UNDP will provide governments with best-in-class technical support and expertise, with thought-leadership and high-quality methodologies.

7. From global to local

With decades of implementation experience, supported by its convening role and responsibility that stretches from local to global levels, UNDP will continue to facilitate sharing of knowledge and lessons learned across regions including through South-South and triangular cooperation.