Can Learning to Use Moodle Alter Teachers’ Approaches to Teaching?

Abstract: This study examines how social engagement in an online learning environment (OLE) can transform teachers’ perceptions of their own pedagogical practices. Data was collected over a ten-month period, as a group of five teachers at an international school in Hong Kong were learning to use Moodle to create blended learning environments. Participants ranged from new teachers in their first year of work, to experienced teachers with over ten years on the job. The data examined in this paper came from an online semi-structured interview. The findings indicate that teachers with more teaching experience may have more confidence to use OLEs in a constructivist way. In this study, OLEs, especially with the use of Web 2.0 tools, were expected to provide a process for negotiation of student control and expression in a way that motivates students and supports learning.

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