Asia and the Pacific

Sustainable Development Goal 9 is focused on building resilient infrastructure, sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation. As such, the targets in place to monitor the progress made in these areas cover the following: resilient and upgraded infrastructure; inclusive and sustainable industrialization; financial support for small-scale enterprises; enhanced scientific research; development of domestic technology; and increased access to information and communications technology. 

Three areas will be highlighted in the present analysis.

  • First issues concerning reliable infrastructure with respect to the movement of passengers and freight will be discussed, with a focus on port container traffic and passenger movement by air. 
  • Next, issues pertaining to progress in research will be addressed by examining changes in countries’ expenditure on research with respect to GDP and the nuber of researchers per capita over time in the region. 
  • Finally, progress made in areas of communications will be examined, including trends in access to mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions and fixed broadband subscriptions.

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