Recordings of Adobe Connect web conference class sessions: 6, 7, and 8

Recordings of Adobe Connect Sessions

NOTE: these links connect to UNLISTED videos which are only accessible behind the login/password protection of this Moodle course, so they are not available to the public.   They are provided to support student learning by additional revision, or to help students who miss class review the content and concepts presented and discussed.

Please do not post these links outside of this classroom environment, as they are only provided to support student learning within the MITE6336 course.

Note: when the students entered the "breakout rooms" in Session 7, their web-cam video was no longer captured.

Unfortunately, even when they returned from the breakout rooms their video was no longer captured by the Adobe Connect system!   Only the teacher's voice is recorded for the next 2 hours: not even the slideshow is recorded!  <yawn>

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