Managing CMC: the Guidelines

These guidelines are grounded from studies of CMC experience across a range of teaching and learning environments. You should try to recognize circumstances and issues that are similar to those in the 6311 eLearning course.

The guideline documents are organized under five broad areas of concern, identified by teachers and learners as 'issues to manage' for effective educational communication within CMC environments: 

  1. Character of the communication: interaction, spontaneity, pace, coherence, permanence, medium, register, topic threading.

  2. Self-perceptions: confidence, visibility, benchmarking, equity, management.

  3. Learning and teaching relationships: roles, attributions, social patterns.

  4. Getting things done: task grounding, preparation.

  5. Continuity with curricula: context, co-ordination, integration, assessment.

Have you seen any evidence of these issues and their underlying concepts at work in the 6311 teaching / learning environment?

Resource: JISC infoNet CMC Grounded Guidelines

Last modified: Saturday, 5 November 2011, 10:03 AM