FAQ file about final project eLearning course

eLearning Course Project - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to write a paper?
Answer: No, just upload the three files:
  1. Cover sheet with your scanned signature (you can just use your phone to take a picture of the signed sheet, and upload the picture)
  2. Constructive Alignment diagrams (Word file, or PDF)
  3. Course Outline (Word file, or PDF)

Question: What will be graded?
Answer: First I will look over your documents and evaluate your implementation of steps #7 and #8, and then I will go into your eLearning course and evaluate how well you have implemented all the other steps #1 - #6.
Question: What are the most important parts of the project?
Answer: The parts which usually best demonstrate depth of student understanding are:
  • #2: the course ILOs and unit ILOs: do they use SOLO verbs which describe what the student should be able to DO after taking this course?   Are the course ILOs supported by the unit ILOs?
  • #6: the teacher-assessed SOLO forum with topic questions, example student answers, ratings, and justifications.
    - Can the topic questions elicit the full range of SOLO understandings in student answers?
    - Do the justifications of teacher ratings match up to the example answers to demonstrate your understanding of the SOLO levels?
  • #7: the Constructive Alignment diagram: does every unit ILO match up to one or more TLAs with SOLO verbs?
The goal is to create a course where:
  • you have demonstrated your understanding of the use of the SOLO taxonomy for creating Learning Outcomes and for assessing student work
  • the course ILOs are supported by the unit ILOs, which are supported by the TLAs and assessed by the ATs
  • the course uses social constructivist pedagogy:
    • active student-centered learning
    • collaboration
    • social construction of knowledge
NOTE: you are NOT required to build any resources, such as Powerpoint slideshows or videos!
If you want to indicate a place where a slideshow would be located, you can create a blank one-page PPT file, or just a Moodle "page" and briefly indicate what would be on the Powerpoint.
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