Samples of student work in WebQuest

English version:

Who’s Hungry? Make a cookbook:

Chinese version:





Hello Chinese, Hello Miss Nicola”




1.      What are the basic elements (formats) of the Web sites you have visited?

(a)    Is the part of tasks is a must for all sites you have visited?

(b)   Is the part of website links is a must for all sites you have visited?

2.      Who creates the Web site, pre-service teachers, teachers or students?

3.      Can you find any questions in a WebQuest that involve high order thinking skills? If yes, state the questions and explain why the questions are of high order thinking.

4.      Can you find any activities that involve collaborative learning or team work? How?

5.      Can you find any authentic activities such as field experiences, meeting the persons or interviewing the experts in the society?

6.      Can you find the “Teacher’s page”? What are the contents of this part?

7.      Does your WebQuest on which you have been working support only superficial learning according to a prescribed roadmap for students to follow?

8.      Does your WebQuest engage problem solving? Or, it looks like an electronic worksheet.

9.      Does your WebQuest require sophisticated Web page construction skills?

10.  Can you find out a way to evaluate WebQuest activities which show that learning has happened?


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