City-building simulators and design tools

On this page we have listed some educational city simulation resources, and design tools that should help you plan and illustrate your group GRUEN.  Check out these resources and tools, or do some research to find your own!  Please note that the use of a city-building simulator is optional.


IBM CityOne -  description and free download

SketchUp Free - a general purpose modelling tool

SimCity Buildit - free city simulator game (for mobile devices only)

SimCity - the classic city simulator tool (released 2014)

Cities: Skylines - a modern take on the classic city simulation (requires gaming PC)

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities : an expansion kit for SimCity: Skyline (requires gaming PC)

Second Life - a tool for building immersive worlds (best with a gaming PC)
 - download the free SL viewer
 - example builds: Venice, Forest, Snowy Village

Below is an example of a "top-level view" of a city design produced using SimCity:

Smart City design using SimCity

(Smart City image courtesy of : BilkulOnline news)

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