Key Terms Glossary

For each unit in the course, when you see a term or concept used that you are not familiar with, do some research online, find a good source about this term online, and read about it until you feel you understand it.

Then, use the "Add a new entry" button to enter it into this glossary.

Enter the term as the Concept in the Glossary.

If there is another version of the same term, put it in the Key Words field.

Select the best definition you found in your research, which is not too technical or complicated.

Feel free to include a phrase in Chinese if you think it will help!

Recommended length: 1 to 3 sentences, include a picture if you think it will help illustrate the concept.

Leave the box ticked for "This entry should be automatically linked"

Be SURE to supply a link back to the source where you got your information.

Each term definition can earn 1 point if you supply:

  • the definition
  • the link back to your source

Each student can earn up to 4 Homework points by posting term definitions (4 terms over the course).

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