SDG 11 - Team Discussion

This forum will host the team discussion where they develop their ideas and plans for SDG 11.

Interaction and feedback both within the team, and between the teams, should help further develop proposed ideas.

Topic questions

  1. Share your understanding of SDG 11, how the global and universal SDGs and corresponding targets are localized in your city?
    What are the targets your city or community going to pursue?
  2. The controversies and consensus between different sectors.
    Who are the leading actors in the localized process of achieving an inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable city?
    What’s the new opportunities and challenges in this big-data era?
    With the enormous development and applications of information and communication technologies, how would data platforms and statistical tools help with processes of knowledge sharing, management, public engagement, and so on…
  3. Achieving SDGs in urban realm is a political process as well as a technical one. 
    As many Asia cities are adopting “world city” strategy for the sake of certain interest groups, is there any power struggle of rights in your surroundings?
    Please share and discuss.

NOTE: this discussion forum activity will close automatically on June 9, so get your contributions posted before that date!

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