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Learning Affordances of 3-D worlds How do I?

This forum is to support questions that students have about activities or assignments in this session.

Other students are encouraged to help each other, and the instructor will step in when necessary.

Student-recommended Reading

Student-recommended reading

As you read and discuss the reading for this session, use this discussion forum to share resources you found useful:

  • the Title of the resource or paper (with the date published where possible)
  • A link to the website or full-text of paper
  • Why did you find it useful?
What are your design / building plans in SL?

This is the forum where you can post your design / building plans for Second Life.

(Alternatively, you can work in Active Worlds)

  1. What is your target audience?   What sort of students will you teach?
  2. What do you want them to learn?   Can you write out some Intended Learning Outcomes? (ILOs)
  3. Ho...
Topic 4 Reflection
Could we enrich classroom activities with the use of VLE? How?
If anyone has found useful VLE, please list it out in the Moodle to let us share the experience!
Topic 5 Do you have problems Installing ActiveWorlds?

Please let me know if you have any problems in installing ActiveWorlds in your Computer, especially window 8.

Topic 8 Evaluation and Reflection of one of the project in Active Worlds

• construct an evaluation framework for VLEs using the conversational model / Viable system model to evaluate one of the project in Active Worlds

•Please upload your presentation file in the Moodle discussion forum.
Topic 10 Powerpoint presentation

Please upload the ppt of your designed shared virtual environment for learning.

The presentation should contain the draft about the Target Audience, intended learning outcomes, design overview of the VLE and related website.