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Design and implementation factors in blended synchronous learning environments How do I?

This forum is to support questions that students have about activities or assignments in this session.

Other students are encouraged to help each other, and the instructor will step in when necessary.

Student-recommended Reading

Student-recommended reading

As you read and discuss the reading for this session, use this discussion forum to share resources you found useful:

  • the Title of the resource or paper (with the date published where possible)
  • A link to the website or full-text of paper
  • Why did you find it useful?
Discussion about badge design

Note: this discussion is optional, and does not earn any points towards the course grade.

Topic: Badge Design

We have discussed awarding badges for this MITE6336 course, and I thought I would show you some of the designs I'm thinking about.

Right now I'm thinking to create a badge for each of ...