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Introduce yourselves to your teammates!

First: do NOT click on the "Add a new discussion topic" button!

  1. Each participant should click on their Group # area below, and then click on Reply to start your self-introduction!
  2. Please share why you are interested in the sustainable development of urban environments, and include a picture of you ...

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Criteria for judging Green Cities Propose YOUR criteria for judging a GRUEN

Based on your review of the criteria used to judge the environmental performance of cities in Asia and the EU, each student should work with their group members to develop a list of criteria for judging the green urban environments proposed in this GRUEN project.

The Green Leaf Award has 6 ...

How Green is Your City? Evaluate your city - Forum discussion

Students should pair up with another student from the same city, and then:

  1. Based on the criteria you chose in the previous unit, work in your pair group (two people, up to four from your group that live in the same city) to develop a common set of criteria you can both agree are important.

  2. Do some ...
Groupwork: design your Green Urban Environment Groupwork - design your GRUEN!

Based on the criteria you previously developed, and working together in your groups to blend your individual visions, design your dream green city!   Your group proposal for a GRUEN should be built upon the key ideas and solutions related to each of your criteria.

  1. Each team should set up their own...

Groupwork : presenting your GRUEN A discussion forum for Presentation planning

This forum is for hosting group discussions around Presentation planning.

Groups should set up their own discussion topic areas with their Group # as the Subject.

This is an optional discussion, but every student should at least VIEW this forum to complete the activity.

Information about how your ...