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Introduce yourselves to the project!

Each participant should click on the "Add a new discussion topic" button to post their introduction here, so other project members can get to know you a bit.

Please share why you are interested in the sustainable development of urban environments, and include a picture of you doing something you ...


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EAP Objectives How would YOU create a sustainable green urban environment?

Now that you are aware of the three key EAP objectives, it's time to apply your knowledge, and share your thoughts and ideas!

Click on the three objectives below to join the conversation around that topic.

First, reply to post your favorite innovations and ideas, and justify why you think they are ...

Criteria for judging Green Cities Propose YOUR criteria for judging a GRUEN

Based on your review of the criteria used to judge the environmental performance of cities in Asia and the EU, each student should list their criteria for judging the green urban environments proposed in this GRUEN project.

The Green Leaf Award has 6 criteria, the Asian Green City Index has 8, and...

How Green is Your City? Evaluate your city - Forum

Students should pair up with another student from the same city, and then:

  1. Based on the criteria you chose in the previous unit, work in your pair group to develop a common set of criteria you can both agree are important.
  2. Do some research online about the environmental performance of your city in ...
Share your progress with SimCity Buildit

This forum is for GRUEN participants to share their progress using the city-building simulation tool SimCity Buildit to illustrate their ideas.

Each student should take a look at my example thread for one possible way to take screenshots from the simulation app and describe the "back story" of ...

Sharing visions, forming teams Share your visions for a GRUEN!
This is your chance to propose your dream Green Urban Environment!

If you have a vision you are ready to share, use the "Add a new discussion topic" button to post a description of your holistic vision for a more sustainable urban plan.  Include features of your dream city that address each of the...

Groupwork: design your Green Urban Environment Groupwork - design your GRUEN!

Based on the criteria you previously developed, and working together in your groups to blend your individual visions, design your GRUEN!

Each team should set up their own group discussion area.

To complete this activity, each student should post 3 Replies.

Groupwork : presenting your GRUEN Slideshow feedback, and plans for videos and/or websites!

This forum is for the GRUEN project facilitators to give feedback on groupwork, and for teams to discuss / develop any changes needed.

Team members should use this forum to post links or attach their updated presentation files, to help refine their slideshows, videos, and / or websites.

Don't ...