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SDG Asia web conference in less than 2 hours!

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SDG Asia web conference in less than 2 hours!
by Brant Knützen - Saturday, 30 June 2018, 2:22 PM

Hello SDG Asia project participants!

Don't forget that the next web conference is in about 2 hours: 4pm (Hong Kong time) for the SDG 9 web conference.

Thus the meeting time will be 1pm in Pakistan, 1:30pm in India, 1:45pm in Nepal, 3pm in Indonesia, and 4pm in Mongolia.

As before, I'd like at least one member of each team to take a turn presenting on some topic.  You can share your screen and narrate a slideshow, or just talk us through a review of a few key forum posts that you found interesting.

As always, the web conference room can be accessed using the link:   
(please use earbuds or a headset to improve the audio quality and avoid echo)

We will review the SDG 9 forum discussion and the Mind Mapping forum discussion based on your contributions, and then take a look at the upcoming Storyboarding unit.   Finally, if Manju and others want to meet in the Second Life virtual environment for a look at Etopia Island (picture below), we can do that.

I look forward to speaking with all of you in a couple more hours.


Etopia Island in SL