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Web conference today, and starting your teamwork

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Web conference today, and starting your teamwork
by Brant Knützen - Wednesday, 8 January 2020, 1:41 AM

Hello GRUEN participants!

It was great to see so many people join the web conference today: from Strasbourg, Berlin, Enschede, and Hong Kong!

Hopefully we can soon get participants from India, Indonesia, and Spain in the next web conference.   Please indicate your available meeting times later this week on the Doodle poll, and teachers please email me with suggested dates/times for your group.

I recorded most of the web conference, almost an hour, and it can be viewed using this link.   The passcode is "GRUEN".

We reviewed how a slideshow can present an urban design, and how a video can be based on the script of the slideshow.

Be sure to support your proposal with links to pages that explain the innovations, such as transit-oriented development, biophilic design, etc!

Here is the link to the full playlist of the video tutorials I have set up to demonstrate the use of SimCity Buildit, including a review of two different urban designs.

We are now into section 5 of the workshop - Groupwork: design your Green Urban Environment.

Teams should get organized using the individual team areas on the workshop forum, including setting up social media groups such as WhatsApp for chat, and real-time discussions and sharing using the web conference rooms I have set up for each team.   If you're not yet on a team, post on the Team Formation forum to join an existing team ASAP.  Maximum team size is 6, and we'd like to see at least 2 members from non-EU countries.

Use the forum to organize your team, and develop roles and responsibilities for each member:

Possible roles

Designer (lays out the urban plan)

Researcher  (finds links to websites/pages to support team ideas, provide foundation of knowledge)

Illustrator (finds good pictures or diagrams to illustrate ideas or features of urban plan)

Writer (writes and edits the descriptions and benefits of features)

Video Producer (creates and edits video)

Narrator (voice descriptions for video)

Website Producer (creates and edits free website to host video and text about team GRUEN)

We will try to work out a timeline soon taking into account the holidays and school breaks in the different countries, but I'd expect that the group presentations of their urban plans should be finished around the end of January.

The final step is the option of setting up free websites using WordPress (or whatever tool the teams prefer) to display and archive the green urban designs!

Best wishes for your success!


GRUEN workshop moderator & technical facilitator