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GRUEN web conference - Tuesday Jan 7, 15:30 CET

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GRUEN web conference - Tuesday Jan 7, 15:30 CET
by Brant Knützen - Monday, 6 January 2020, 8:45 AM

Hello GRUEN participants!

I will hold a web conference on Tuesday, Jan 7, at 15:30 CET (Central European Time).   We will review the team configuration, and how to get started designing your group green urban environments!

We will meet in the main GRUEN Adobe Connect room, at:

This time was requested by teacher Dorothy Samuels for her students at the Nelson Mandela School in Berlin, and has also been specified by Fernanda Gonzalez-Dreher, María ten Oever, Victoria Ho, and Judith Aendekerk via the Doodle poll.   All GRUEN participants are welcome to join!

This time translates to other time zones as:

Hong Kong: Tue 10:30pm

Madurai: Tue 8:00pm

Jakarta: Tue 9:30pm

This date & time doesn't work with your schedule?   Specify what dates & times work for you via this Doodle poll!

If you're a teacher who wants to host a web conference in your class time, please email me to propose a date/time, at


GRUEN workshop moderator & technical facilitator