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SDG Asia project - mind mapping, storyboarding, and the virtual world!

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SDG Asia project - mind mapping, storyboarding, and the virtual world!
by Brant Knützen - Monday, 25 June 2018, 11:12 AM

Good morning SDG Asia project participants!

Most of you have tried mind mapping now, using or some of the other apps that I supplied in the Mind Mapping unit.

Krishna also posted some helpful links to all the teams in the discussion forum, good job contributing there!

If you're having difficulty getting started using a mind mapping app, you can always draw it on paper, take a picture, and attach it to a post!

Abinash posted a very helpful link about this on the forum:

The idea of mind mapping is to help you plan your multimedia essay, like a visual outline.

In the next unit we will start storyboarding our planned video production, and I think Soniya of LDC may take a lead in this area!

Think of a storyboard as a sort of comic book that describes the scenes you want to shoot in your video.

Last, Manju tells me she has started exploring the virtual world of Second Life!  While this simulation technology may not play a direct role in this project, it will definitely play an important role for connecting people globally, for developing prototypes of ideas such as buildings or lifestyles, and may even become a common recreational / social area for people in the future!   Has anyone seen the movie "Ready Player One" yet?

If you're interested in trying this technology, I'm happy to support you, as this is my area of research.

Back in May I put up a "how-to" post with links and instructions, which you can try if you want to see if your computer / laptop / bandwidth is capable of handling the virtual world technology.  Abraham, you clearly have access to a computer lab at the Soegijapranata Catholic University.  Can you try it and let me know if those computers can handle Second Life?  Perhaps some of your students might enjoy exploring this virtual world.  In my post I included some links to the 3 regions I have developed: Lingnan Drama Island, HKU Education Island, and HKU Medicine Island.

It was on HKU Education Island that my students developed the video showing the need for sustainable waste management! (see below)

For those of you who are interested in this virtual world technology, we can try meeting in Second Life immediately following the web conference on June 30.

Best wishes,