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Are you ready to start or choose a GRUEN team?

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Are you ready to start or choose a GRUEN team?
by Brant Knützen - Sunday, 8 December 2019, 7:47 AM

Hello GRUEN project participants!

Let's get started setting up the teams before the holidays!

If you have already Shared your Vision for a GRUEN in that forum and gotten feedback, you can post to propose your updated vision and hope to attract five other members to join you in the Propose or Choose your Cross-cultural Team forum.


You can look over the proposed visions, and Reply to one to indicate your choice.  Be sure to indicate your region: EU, HK, or Asia.   Remember that each team should be comprised of 6 members, with 2 from the EU, 2 from HK, and 2 from the Asia region.

See the directions in the Sharing Visions, Forming Teams unit for more instructions.

Hopefully this team selection process will go smoothly.  If necessary, GRUEN facilitators will step in to set up or modify team formations.

Best wishes for your success!


GRUEN workshop moderator & technical facilitator