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Upcoming web conference

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Upcoming web conference
by Brant Knützen - Thursday, 14 June 2018, 9:26 AM

Good morning SDG Asia project participants!

This is a reminder that the SDG 9 web conference is this Saturday, June 16 at 4pm (Hong Kong time).

Thus the meeting time will be 1pm in Pakistan, 1:30pm in India, 1:45pm in Nepal, 3pm in Indonesia, and 4pm in Mongolia.

As always, the web conference room can be accessed using the link:   
(please use earbuds or a headset to improve the audio quality and avoid echo)

We will review the SDG 9 forum discussion based on the workshop content and your contributions.

As usual, I'd like to see at least one member of each team take the microphone for 5 minutes and discuss the forum activity, or present a slideshow.

If your bandwidth isn't good enough to support audio, you can attach your slideshow to a forum post, and I'll walk through it and discuss it with all present.

The discussions on SDG 13 and 9 are progressing very well!

I think most teams have done a great job practicing the transactive exchange of information, perspectives, pictures, and ideas!

I will give a shout-out to Ger Community Mapping Center: Tsenguun posted some great info on SDG 13 -- we'd like to hear more from you and Udval!

I note that 11 members have completed 4 or 5 of the activities so far, great work keeping up!   Don't forget that you need to post at least 3 times on each forum: a comment, a question, or a response.  Most of your posts should just be conversational exchanges, they don't have to be encyclopedic!

I look forward to speaking with all of you on Saturday afternoon.  ;)

Last: although Johannes of KAS has been reworking the website to highlight the current teams and members, you can still use this link to access the Timeline page detailing the schedule for the project.  After this web conference on Saturday, we'll have a two week period to review progress on developing knowledge and understanding of the SDGs and generate ideas for multimedia essays (June 17-30).