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GRUEN project - Evaluate your City forum activity

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GRUEN project - Evaluate your City forum activity
by Brant Knützen - Tuesday, 5 November 2019, 4:27 PM

Hello GRUEN participants!

This is a brief feedback to guide those students leading the way into the Evaluate your City forum.

Yesterday Ali and Maarten from Strasbourg took on board my feedback and blazed their trail onto this activity!

They added links to explain and justify their well-considered statements evaluating the environmental performance of their city.

They have each put up two posts: one for their statements, and one for the links.  Soon I think they will add another post with photos to illustrate the issues.

Now I challenge you both to further collate and organize your material into an example for others to follow!

You have created a "lawn of grass" with your four individual posts, with two more to probably follow.  Your lawn is rich and green, but if every one of the 120 students put up six individual posts, you can imagine how chaotic and disorganized the forum discussion will become!  Over 700 threads!

I want you to try this: combine the statements, links, and photos into ONE POST each.   Ali starts off the first post with the subject "Evaluating Strasbourg (Climate Change: Mitigation)".  

Your reasoning and statements are good, you just need to embed the links into the text.  When you say "Strasbourg actually ranked first out of all 9 candidates", highlight that text and use the link button to embed the active link, as I have done here.  Set the link to "Open a new window" by ticking that box. You can also embed links under the text "powered by a biomass-plant", and "initiated a geothermal co-generation project", and probably one about transitioning to electric buses.

Below that discussion of your first criteria, insert a medium-sized photo that illustrates one or more elements of this criteria.

Do that for each of your three criteria, and post this new, collated post using "Add a new discussion topic".

Maarten then posts his collated post as a Reply to your new post, so that you are both in ONE CONVERSATIONAL THREAD.

Then, when other students want to read about Climate Mitigation in the context of Strasbourg, they can read both your posts about your criteria 1-3 and 4-6, and they can give you feedback or ask a question there in that conversational thread.  Then, either of you can reply to them, and the whole conversation builds like a lovely green tree, arching up into the clear blue sky...

What do you say, are you two up for it?    If so, after you two post your new collated posts together in one thread, I will delete the four "draft" posts.

I am hoping that you two can set the pattern for other pairs of students to follow.   Let's build a leafy green forest of knowledge and perspectives in this forum discussion!

Oh, and I've set up a web page in that unit about "SimCity Buildit - links, tips, and tutorials", and included a brief tutorial video I made!

I hope you find these links and tutorial helpful for getting started using SimCity Buildit.

Best wishes,


GRUEN moderator & facilitator