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GRUEN project - How green is YOUR city?

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GRUEN project - How green is YOUR city?
by Brant Knützen - Sunday, 3 November 2019, 4:12 PM

Hello GRUEN participants!

I'm very happy to see so much discussion activity on the forums for the EAP Objectives and Criteria units!   Some great information and ideas are being exchanged, with local perspectives shared by students all around the world.

Quite a few posts have focused on the importance of Governance and the role of strong regulatory policy relating to environmental issues.

Today I saw a BBC news article about the "United Nations warning about coal addiction".  Can you imagine a world with global policies on clean energy and environmental performance?   As the sea level rises due to climate change, flooding is certainly going to affect countries all over the world!

The current unit is "How Green in YOUR City?"   This unit asks students to pair up with another GRUEN participant in their city and do some research about the environmental performance of their city.  You can do research online, or go visit visit some key locations such as a recycling center to experience that process for yourself!   How would you evaluate your city based on the criteria you selected previously?

Then, EACH student in a pair should post on the "Evaluate your City" forum.  One student should report back on half of the criteria, and the other student report about the other half.  So if you had six criteria, you would each report about three.  I want to congratulate María and Anna for pairing up and leading the way into this activity!  I have posted feedback to them, and I hope to see a follow-up post by Anna soon with more links to related websites to explain and support their statements, and evidence of research into the numerical aspects.

In this unit we are also starting to explore the SimCity Buildit city-building simulation.  I have posted links in the unit for downloading the free app from the Google Play and Apple App Store, as well as a link to a blogger post about downloading and operating a free screen recorder for Android called AZ Screen Recorder.   Check out the forum I set up so everyone can share their progress building their SimCity GRUEN, with a series of example screenshots to demonstrate how you can illustrate features of your city design!  I also posted

, and I plan to upload a basic tutorial about building your city soon.  I'd love to see students share their city-building progress here!   You could also post questions about issues encountered, and share ideas for ways to implement green designs.

Last, I'll attach a nice graphic that Shasica posted about "Protecting our planet starts with you", with 10 simple choices for a healthier planet.

The graphic came from the Earth Day info on the National Ocean Service, a US government website.

Best wishes on your success!


GRUEN moderator & facilitator