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Web conference poll and presentations

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Web conference poll and presentations
by Brant Knützen - Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 9:55 AM

Good morning SDG Asia project participants!

I have posted a new poll in the workshop course asking what is your preferred date & time for our next web conference, either Friday or Saturday (June 8 or 9).   You can use the link here in this News Forum email to access the poll, or find it near the top of the course in the "Getting Started" section (see attached screen capture with arrow).   

Please enter your response before Thursday, so I can announce the schedule.

In our upcoming web conference this Friday or Saturday, we will review the forum discussions relating to SDG 13.

Again, I'd like at least one member from each team to take a turn presenting their view on the topic for about 5 minutes.   I will give the Presenter rights in the web conference, and participants can Share their Screen and review some interesting ideas or perspectives in the forum, or use a PPT slideshow if you like.   If your bandwidth has not been supportive of speaking using audio in the past, you might try sharing a PPT file with audio already embedded, or you could share a link to a video you have uploaded to YouTube where you talk about climate change issues as they relate to your community.  Either way, we hope to see all the participants get some practice presenting about project-related issues, and develop some familiarity with the use of educational technology to share their ideas!

Johannes of KAS will also join us to discuss a PPT he has already uploaded to the SDG 13 forum!

I am enjoying the forum discussions, and I hope to see continued interactions, ideas, and shared perspectives!

Best wishes,