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SDG 13
by Brant Knützen - Monday, 4 June 2018, 1:45 PM

Hello SDG Asia project participants!

Manju, leader of the Lady Doak College team, recently wrote me asking what an ideal post regarding SDG 13 / climate change would look like on the unit discussion forum.  I thought other teams may be facing similar uncertainty, so I decided to share my response with everyone here as a News Forum post.

I realize that climate change is a global issue, so there are no local, small-scale solutions.   What you can discuss, though, is how your community or region is being affected by climate change; and what you, your team, your community, your region, or your country is doing to deal with the issues relating to climate change.

How are your lives changing due to climate change?   What plans or adaptations are being made to cope with rising temperatures, atypical weather, higher intensity weather patterns, rising sea levels, etc?    For example, mud houses (we call them adobe in the US south-west) are a good adaptation to rising temperatures, as they tend to have better insulation against hot weather.  

Take this opportunity to look around at what adaptations are being made by other countries or regions, and consider if any of these are applicable to your region.  There are quite a few educational resources on offer in the SDG 13 unit to consume, digest, and consider in your own context.

Share your ideas and perspectives through exchanges with other teams in the discussion forum.

This project is not about solving the world's problems, but to share your views with other groups across the Asia region, and find the inspiration to lead progress towards potential short-term adaptations and long-term solutions!

Best wishes,