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Team mini-presentations

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Team mini-presentations
by Brant Knützen - Friday, 1 June 2018, 11:31 AM

Hello SDG Asia project participants!

There are a lot of excellent conversations developing between teams on both the SDG 7 and SDG 11 forums.

Based on this activity, and to help you start developing your voice and presentation skills, I'd like each team to do a 5-minute mini-presentation about one of the topics that are being discussed: bio-bus, solar power, waste management, smart cities, etc.

Each team should present their perspective on one of these issues, and raise a question for the other participants to answer.

I will give each team "presenter rights" for 5 minutes, which mean you can share your screen to focus attention of the conference.

You could just display a post you put up on one of the forums and then speak about your perspective or idea, or you could create a few PPT slides: up to you.   Try to finish with a question which the others can address: e.g. How does this apply to YOUR community?  What can we do now?  What should we be doing very soon?

This will help each team practice using technology to shine a spotlight on important issues, and a bit of practice speaking to a group!

See you tomorrow afternoon!

Best wishes,