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Introductions and learning about the EU EAPs

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Introductions and learning about the EU EAPs
by Brant Knützen - Sunday, 13 October 2019, 6:43 PM

Hello GRUEN participants!

It's the end of the second week of the project, and the last chance for all of you to introduce yourself and say hello to other participants!

Some of you have done a great job posting to others to say hello: Anabel, Victoria, Paula, Marta, and Lucía from Spain, Annette from Hong Kong, Justin from Indonesia, and Prakriti from Nepal: WELL DONE leading the way on this first activity!  Thanks also to your mentors and course facilitators for helping to get the conversations started, and prompting you to post the "green" pictures and profile headshots.  (some of you still need to post those pictures and headshots!)

If more of you want to join the "mixer" conversation and get to know a bit more about the other participants who live in far away places, NOW is the time to post some questions, comments, and feedback to them on the "Introduce Yourself" forum!   This discussion forum activity will stay open, so use this opportunity to post Replies to other people and get to know your potential teammates a bit!

Starting tomorrow, your teachers should begin leading your classroom discussion into Unit 1: the EAP Objectives!   We have set up a web page for each objective (#1-3 and #8).   On each of these web pages the objective is stated, and then there is a video and a link to Resources with Related Organisations, Programs, Initiatives and documents.   We want all of you to watch the videos and explore the resources to learn more about these objectives.  How do they relate to YOUR city?   Which ideas for sustainable development appeal to you?

Soon we will open a review quiz, and ask you to get started on the discussion forum about the EAP Objectives.

Best wishes for your success!


Workshop moderator & Technical Facilitator, GRUEN project