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Time to get going on SDG Asia project!

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Time to get going on SDG Asia project!
by Brant Knützen - Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 6:32 PM

Hello SDG Asia participants!

I'm glad to see that most of you have successfully posted your Introduction to the project!

If you haven't, please do so as soon as possible, at:

Next up is to answer the poll: what is the best day & time for you to attend the weekly web conference?

Make your choice here:

Last: this week you should be consuming the content about SDG 7 (Clean and Affordable Energy) and posting your answers to the topic questions on the Team Discussion forum.

Watch some video, read some interesting facts, do a bit of research, and then post your perspective about how SDG 7 relates to your team project!

Put up your post in your team area here:

After you post, look around on the forum and ask someone a question, or make a comment / feedback as a Reply to their post.

I'd love to see peer exchange of ideas between the teams!   

Hint: be sure to link back to the online articles that you reference in your posts.

For an example, see my post to Maheswari on the Lady Doak College team:

Best wishes for your success,