Evaluation of the UNEP conference


Picture of Brant Knützen
by Brant Knützen - Thursday, 7 February 2019, 12:25 PM


  1. What were your expectations?
  2. In what ways were they met?
  3. In what ways were they NOT met?
  4. Suggestions for improvement

Picture of Samreen Khan Ghauri
by Samreen Khan Ghauri - Saturday, 9 February 2019, 7:37 AM


1.       What where your expectations?


The expectation were so high, as this the moment, we have been waiting since beginning of the project. The UN forum was certainly a huge platform to show case our work. We were expecting that there will a separate and special screening during the conference and all the team/team leaders will get a chance to describe the work and its impact in a short presentation each. We also expected that the project SDGASIA will received immediate and close attention, as the UN Environment Summit 2019 have been focused with the theme “For the Youth and By the Youth”. We were expecting enormous knowledge  around the issue with border aspect from regional and global level


2.       In what ways they met?


·         Definitely, the event gave us chance to present our work and meet the specialist in the respective field. This event have given us enormous opportunity for building networking and establishing  contact with civil society, highest institutions and government functionaries around the globe.  

·         As a young social activist and part of an emerging organization, this is an excellent forum to get benefit from the wide range of experts having great  experience  and in the field of SDGs and climate action and energy.   Also side event given a chance to discuss within own space.

·         So much knowledge and bundle of new things learned with higher sprit and determination to move this initiative forward.

·         The showcasing of project videos, Somehow, managed to displayed by did extra efforts, smart and timely  strategic moves.  


3.       In what ways they NOT met?


·         SDG ASIA project could get more space and recognition at the event. Strong networking and advocacy could be worked out earlier to get more exposure at the event.  

·         Showcasing of Multi Media production can be done in more effective manners while ideally in specific slot  during the event which followed by discussion on that.  

·         On 22 internal meeting at KAS office, the overall day was absolutely went prolific except the afternoon session of  Panel discussion on Social Media, Civil Society and SDG Activism in Asia by Dr. Kumaram which  went worst, instead more time could be allocate for  final finishing of videos with DJ.


4.       Suggestion for improvement?


·         A clear and timely strategy would be develop prior to the event so that participants could get clear understating about the execution and overall presentation of the project.

·         Media strategy should be work out to wider display and exposure of the amazing work.

·         Resources (in term of skills and person) can be identify and assigned  within a team, as an energetic  team, we can done some extra efforts for proper and dynamic exposure of the project. (As YFEED – Nepal have strong connection with CSOs and SPO- Pakistan also part of APRASM which is a civil society platform of more than 300 organization at global  level and SPO  also good skills and contacts with media.