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Web conference in less than 2 hours

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Web conference in less than 2 hours
by Brant Knützen - Saturday, 2 February 2019, 2:30 PM

Hello SDG Asia participants,

The web conference is in less than 2 hours!

There are several issues to review in the wrap-up of SDG Asia 1, and one was the need for feedback / evaluation of the Singapore UNEP conference.

Therefore I am requesting the team leaders (and anyone who attended the Singapore UNEP conference) to attend a web conference today, Saturday Feb 2.   

It will be at the usual time (4pm in Hong Kong), and as always the link to join the conference is:

The agenda for the web conference will cover these issues:

1) the primary issue is the evaluation of the Singapore UNEP conference: did it meet your expectations?  What worked well?  What could be done better?  Suggestions?

2) We also want to start the Sequel project: what group of young activists do you plan to mentor?   How many of the workshop course units are applicable to the Sequel?  How often should we have a web conference?

3) One of the UNEP conference workshops generated a Geo-6 flyer available at this link, which has a page 3 in Ch 1 that is perfectly aligned with the our SDG Asia project goals.  Also, it invites teams to upload videos to the Youth SDG contest on page 34 in Ch 5: "Take actions in your Campus/Family/Community on selected SDGs, and send a summary with photos/videos of your event to email: "  This is a good way for our project teams to disseminate their videos and possibly get more exposure for their social causes!

4) All teams should make sure they have uploaded their LONG video files to the folder in their team areas on the project GDrive.  KAS wants to make sure we have all of the project work outcome files organized in one repository.

I hope to see all of you at the conference very soon!