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by Kresno Widyatmoko - Saturday, 19 January 2019, 12:54 PM

Hi DJ,

Is it still possible to change the writing in a short video?

I mistakenly wrote on another page, Error in text at the end of the video

Every year Semarang produces half a million tons of waste. (00:00:13,500 – 00:00:17,000)

 If the garbage is not managed well, it can be harmful. (00:00:18,000 – 00:00:21,000)

 The garbage is harvested for Methane Gas,

 which can be used for local residents to cook. (00:00:22,000 – 00:00:27,000)

 One resident has opened a food stall using the gas. (00:00:29,500 – 00:00:34,500)

 The owner uses a barter system to take payment from the scavengers. (00:00:40,500 – 00:00:45,500)

 This allows them to get the food they need. (00:00:46,500 – 00:00:50,500)

 “Innovative waste management make a better life” – Mr. Sarimin (00:00:53,500 – 00:00:56,250)

“In the future, the methane gas will be developed into electricity” – Mr. Wahyu, Head of Division Jatibarang Landfill (00:00:56,750 – 00:00:59,000)

Thanks DJ