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web conference recording
by Brant Knützen - Saturday, 15 December 2018, 5:50 PM

Hello SDG Asia participants,

The recording of the Dec 15 web conference can be accessed at:

As always, the passcode is "RECAP".

Udval asked about starting the WordPress websites for their project.  We planned to start these after Dec 29, but if any teams have the bandwidth to get started early, I'm happy to support them!

Glenn brought up a couple of possible projects to follow this one:

- one where the communication depts reach out to NGOs in their area to assist them with video productions about their SDG-related social activism

- another where the existing teams contact secondary schools in their area to help those students tell their SDG-related stories and ideas, with the goal of presenting via webinar to the UN Sustainable Development for Youth conference in New York in Sep, 2019

Both of these project ideas would build on the SDG Asia network, and the capacity for interacting via discussion forums and webinars.

Interesting ideas, and food for thought as we move towards wrapping up our short video production, and uploading the "clean" version for DJ to mash up for the upcoming conference in Singapore!