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SDG Asia - uploading short videos to the Google Drive

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SDG Asia - uploading short videos to the Google Drive
by Brant Knützen - Tuesday, 13 November 2018, 10:21 AM

Dear SDG Asia participants,

Don't forget that DJ wants the "clean" version to INCLUDE the ambient sound!

Also, remember that we can't include the short videos from the teams in the KAS compilation unless the files are uploaded to the Google Drive.

Posting a link to the video on YouTube is ok for review, but once DJ approves, we need the actual files for editing.

I have set up a Google Drive folder for each team, and posted it in the forum at:

For the edit of the KAS compilation, we need three files uploaded to the Google Drive folder:

1) The "clean" video file WITH ambient sound.
2) The final short video file with subtitle text, ambient sound, and narration.
3) The script used in the final version (MS Word doc)

Please upload all three files to the Drive folder, so KAS can easily edit them with the same style to produce the compilation.

This KAS compilation is a great opportunity for the work of your team to be displayed at many venues and via many channels across the world.
Don't miss this opportunity for your team production to be included!    Try to get these files uploaded today (Tuesday)!