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Related video competition with UNDP

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Related video competition with UNDP
by Brant Knützen - Friday, 14 September 2018, 9:04 PM

Hello SDG Asia participants!

Just a few days ago (Sep 4) the UN held their Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bangkok.   We just missed it by a few days!

The Fijian President of the conference announced a video competition, co-sponsored by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

This global video competition will collect climate change stories that highlight action to curb emissions that are warming our planet, titled "Your Climate Change Story", with the brief:

Do you have a story that can help us understand what is going on in your country, community  or group or even little town, concerning climate change and how people and organisations can help reduce emissions or adapt  to the impacts of climate change and reduce emissions?

Your 60-second video should answer one of these questions:

Where are we? (what’s the effect of climate change in your life/community/country?)
Where do we want to go? (what is the world you imagine for you and your loved ones? Why is it so important to take action?)
How do we get there? (concrete actions that are being taken or could be taken to address the threat of climate change)

I'm thinking that some of our SDG Asia video stories might apply to this competition!

SCU, your "Methane Kantin" story would fit well, right?   LDC, what do you think, is reducing emissions of greenhouse gases part of your story?

The first prize is €4000, second prize is €3000, third prize is €2000, fourth prize is €2000, and fifth prize is €1000.

Due date is Nov 19, 2018.

The video collection effort is being handled by "Userfarm", a crowdsourcing site focused on video.

To join this project and read the brief you have to first sign up to the free Userfarm site, but one of the benefits is that they offer hundreds of free and copyright-free music tracks on their library for you to download and use for your soundtrack!