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Project Facilitators group

Picture of Brant Knützen
Project Facilitators group
by Brant Knützen - Wednesday, 9 May 2018, 3:04 PM

Hello everyone, and welcome to the SDG Asia project!

My name is Brant Knutzen, and I'm the Technical Facilitator on this project.

I did my MSc IT in Education with research into the effect of learning to use Moodle on teaching pedagogy, and my doctorate in IT Studies on the impact of a virtual identity, and the perception of a learning environment that supports the social construction of knowledge, on learning within a virtual world.

I'm happy to contribute to this project because I think that educational technology can help people across the globe collaborate on projects to make this world a better place for ourselves and our children!

I look forward to learning more about your ideas and plans for contributing to this project.

Best wishes for your success,


PS - I strongly encourage all of you to attach a headshot of yourself to this post, to put a face to your name (similar to mine below).

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Johannes Vogel
Johannes Vogel
by Johannes Vogel - Thursday, 10 May 2018, 10:16 AM

Welcome to the SDG Webinar!

My name is Johannes Vogel. I am from Munich, South Germany. After completing my Master's degree in Southeast Asian Studies, I started working for Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. KAS is a German political foundation committed to promotion of democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression, market economy and sustainable development worldwide. I work for the Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change in Asia-Pacific. Our office is based in Hong Kong, China. We get in contact with political decision makers, private economy, representatives from social groups, young people, scholars and scientists from all over Asia in order to exchange experiences of sustainable climate and energy politics. Resources, urbanisation and geopolitics are also among our fields of work.

I look forward to cooperating with you in this webinar.

Picture of Stephen Tong
Re: Project Facilitators group
by Stephen Tong - Thursday, 10 May 2018, 10:51 AM

Hi, everyone! Welcome!

My name is Stephen Tong. I am a Canadian and I started working for the Hong Kong-America Center focusing on youth environmental engagement programs since 2016. This is my first time doing a virtual engagement program. I am very excited to work with you on this and witness the progress being made!

Best wishes for your success,


Picture of Peter Hefele
Project Facilitators group
by Peter Hefele - Thursday, 10 May 2018, 10:57 AM

Dear Participants of our SDG workshop!

I am very delighted to welcome you as Director of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) | Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific KAS RECAP in Hongkong .

Our KAS RECAP regional project is one of the most recent projects our foundation set up in Asia. With more than 23 KAS offices in Asia-Pacific we cover the whole region from Kazakhstan in Central Asia to South Korea in North East Asia and down to Australia and New Zealand.

Our SDG Project is part of a broader discussion on new visions of development in and for Asia. We would like to highlight the human dimensions of the problems, in particular how communities face in grappling in achieving the goals of the SDGs. Your multimedia essays will tell these stories. The Sustainable Asia project seeks to facilitate the exchange of perspectives and ideas across regions and cultures, incubate further development of solutions, and provide an online platform for the global recognition of innovation.

This project is one of the most exciting and ambitious project I organized since I joint our foundation in 2003 in the department of political education. In 2006 I became the Head of Division China, South East Asia, India / Team Asia and the Pacific in Berlin/Germany. From December 2010 to February 2015, I acted as Director of the Shanghai Office of KAS. Since March 2015 I am working as Director of the Regional Project "Energy Security and Climate Change" (RECAP), based in Hong Kong SAR / PR China.

Throughout my years at KAS I could develop my expertise in many fields, such as economic policy, international development cooperation and energy/climate policy. Staying in China for almost eight years I gained extensive knowledge on political, economic and social developments in Asia and China.

I am fluent in German, English and Hungarian, have a good command in French and Italian, and basic knowledge in Chinese.

Picture of Samreen Khan Ghauri
Re: Project Facilitators group
by Samreen Khan Ghauri - Friday, 18 May 2018, 3:48 AM

Thank you so much for time and efforts! We will trying hard to learn as much!

Picture of glenn shive
Re: Project Facilitators group
by glenn shive - Thursday, 10 May 2018, 11:17 AM

Greetings from Hong Kong and welcome to the SDG Sustainable Asia Project.  I am Glenn Shive of the HK America Center.  We are pleased to collaborate with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation on this innovative project.  

Congratulations to the five teams that won the competition to join the project.  On behalf of those who did not win, I hope we will all use this rare opportunity well.  I look forward to our webinars in the coming months.  Brant will be our technical designer and facilitator.  Stephen Tong has created the modules on the four SDGs.  Lets get to know one another, and the development projects we are working on in our five places in Asia:  Mongolia, Nepal, India, Indonesia and Pakistan. We also look forward to sharing our multimedia essays in-the-making before we meet in in person in early November in Bangkok.  Best to All.