GRUEN: conference videos and recruiting for Cycle 3

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GRUEN: conference videos and recruiting for Cycle 3
by Brant Knützen - Thursday, 21 January 2021, 5:55 AM

Hello GRUEN project members from Cycle 2!

I hope all of you enjoyed the learning experience and cultural exchange of the Gruen project.

The video recordings of the conferencegroup presentations, and list of prize winners can be viewed on the website.

I am writing you today to see if you are interested in participating in the next cycle of the Gruen project: I am recruiting people who are interested in being a student, a mentor, or an organizer.  Students should be currently enrolled in a secondary school in Asia or the EU.  Mentors should have already completed Cycle 1 or Cycle 2 of the Gruen project and have an interest in guiding a small group through Cycle 3.  Organizers should be teachers at secondary schools in Asia or the EU who are interested in coordinating a group of students (a few, up to a full class) to enroll, participate in activities, and present their ideas in the conference at the end of Cycle 3. 

If so, please click here to enroll in the GRUEN Cycle 3 (enrollment key "cycle3"), and then post on this forum to indicate your interest, and the participation role you are interested in.  Note that to enroll you should click on the "Continue" button, then either login using your existing GRUEN account, or click on the "Create new account" button, fill out the short form, confirm your email address, and then login.  Note that some confirmation emails may go to your Spam folder!

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