GRUEN eConference - test your connection Sep 7, 9:30am!

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GRUEN eConference - test your connection Sep 7, 9:30am!
by Brant Knützen - Monday, 7 September 2020, 5:27 AM

Hello GRUEN presenters / co-presenters!

This is a reminder of the Zoom webinar connection test on Monday, Sep 7, at 9:30am in India (12 noon in Hong Kong, 6am in Europe).

All Cycle 2 presenters and co-presenters in the semi-finalist groups should have received an email from, with the subject "GRUEN Testing - Zoom Webinar (Students)".   This email contains the link to the Zoom webinar via the words "click here to join". Please also check your spam folder if you cannot find the email, or use the search tab.

If you cannot find this email, please email ASAP to the project support team at, and they will send you another one.

Note: this brief meeting is just a test, to see if the presenters and co-presenters can connect successfully to the Zoom webinar meeting.

The GRUEN support team will send you another email for your presentation on Sep 11, with a unique link.  Each meeting has a unique link, so be SURE you check the date on the email, otherwise it will say "Invalid", or "meeting is on a later date".

You can view the schedule for Day 2 (for Cycle 2 groups) on Sep 11 on the website under "Conference".

I will post a more exact schedule for Day 2 with estimated start times for each group in a few days.

The judges will select the groups with the best proposals to be finalists on Day 3 (Sep 12), to meet the judges and have a Q&A session, and then the project winners will be announced and prizes awarded.  Fame is sure to follow!   ;)

Best wishes for your success!