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GRUEN eConference - schedule for rehearsals

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GRUEN eConference - schedule for rehearsals
by Brant Knutzen - Thursday, 3 September 2020, 6:54 AM

Hello GRUEN participants!

So far 3 teams have already rehearsed their GRUEN presentations to prepare for the eConference on Sep 10: Marco & Jimmy of Group #5, Maarten & Ali of Group #3, and Annette & Victoria of Group #4

There are plenty of timeslots open for rehearsal practice on Sep 5 or Sep 6, if you want to join.

Timeslots are from 3pm to 4:45pm for Europe, 6:30pm to 8:15pm in India, and 9pm to 10:45pm in Hong Kong.

I have set up dates and time slots to give each team a 15-minute rehearsal before the eConference:
Click here to book your timeslot.

See attached below the screen capture image of people who have already reserved a timeslot on Sep 5 or 6.

Note: we will be using this Zoom link for the rehearsal meeting:

All teams should show up for rehearsal at least once before the eConference.

NOTE: be sure you login to the workshop so you can make your choice!  (check top-right screen for prompt to login if you haven't)

Both the presenter and backup presenter for each group (names listed below) should attend and be ready to practice their 15-minute presentation of their group GRUEN proposal.  Two teams (#8 and #12) need to nominate a lead presenter, and team #10 needs to get both presenters nominated!  All team members are welcome and encouraged to attend rehearsals and the eConference itself (on Sep 10-12).

Current list of presenters and backup presenters:

Lucía Blazquez LópezPresenter
Salma Haidor ChavesBackup Presenter
Anneke Linh BussertPresenter
Martha Deanna BulkeleyBackup Presenter
Maarten Linus HerrmannPresenter
Ali KartalBackup Presenter
Annette MaPresenter
Victoria HoBackup Presenter
Marco LeePresenter
Leung Wai Yin, JimmyBackup Presenter
Shasica RamarajPresenter
Trishini AnnaduraiBackup Presenter
Leung Ka Wing Angela (Aries?)Presenter
Faya NijmanBackup Presenter
Charlotte BrauneBackup Presenter
Chan King HeiPresenter
Li Tung SamsonBackup Presenter
Victoria Heredia LealPresenter
Lucía Herrera GarcíaBackup Presenter
Marina Lasry SánchezBackup Presenter

All teams should show up for rehearsal at least once before the eConference.

See you at rehearsals!   Remember: fabulous prizes and fame await the eConference winners!  ;)