GRUEN eConference - an opportunity to shine!

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GRUEN eConference - an opportunity to shine!
by Brant Knützen - Friday, 14 August 2020, 4:44 AM

Dear GRUEN Participants,

Thank you all for your wonderful, well-researched and most inspiring GRUEN group proposals!  We are very glad to see that the GRUEN spirit can be found in each and every one of you and we already see you as active contributors to a more sustainable future for your cities!

After careful consideration, the GRUEN team has shortlisted 12 groups as semi-finalists: 7, 12, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 35, 37, and 41, who will have the opportunity to present their ideas to our GRUEN community across the globe, including teachers, mentors, and the members of the eConference jury of scholars via Zoom on September 10th-12th.  Here you can find a list of the respective team members.  We will be recording the presentations and producing a video collage of the teams and their proposals, which we hope to share at an academic or environmental conference in the future.

Please note: each presenting group should select 1 person as a Presenter, plus 1 person as a back-up presenter who should be prepared to take over if necessary.  Cycle 2 groups will present on Day 2 (Sep 11) and will each last 15 minutes.  All members of the group will have the chance to participate in the Q&A session and awards ceremony on Day 3 (Sep 12) if your group is further shortlisted as finalists.  Brant will contact the presenting groups separately to arrange the presentation logistics.

We hope to see your school's entire GRUEN team join the eConference - all students, teachers and mentors who have taken part in the GRUEN project are welcome to attend all three days.  A separate email with the registration link will follow shortly. 

You can find a tentative conference agenda on our website

More details will keep coming in the next days and weeks, please check your emails regularly

Thank you all again, and we look forward to seeing you all in September!

Best wishes,
The GRUEN Team