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GRUEN news
by Brant Knützen - Sunday, 31 May 2020, 2:01 PM

Hello GRUEN participants!

This is a reminder that the GRUEN presentations are due for upload to the assignment today, May 31.

Presentations could be slide shows (Google Slides, PPT, Genially, etc), or narrated videos.  If you can host your presentation on a free website, that'd be a great way to archive and share your work with others!  (WordPress, others).  For more info see the Presentation forum discussion instructions.

Evaluation criteria will include:

  • Analysis of the problem
  • Generation of ideas / concepts
  • Development of the solution
  • Communication of ideas and solution
  • Collaboration and contribution from all team members

Today groups 20 and 27 plan to host a Zoom meeting to present their GRUEN designs, and record their presentations.

We will gather in the regular Adobe Connect conference first, and then try loading the Zoom meeting.

The web conference will be at the usual time in the afternoon / evening: 4pm in Spain, 7pm in Pakistan, 7:30pm in India, 7:45pm in Nepal, and 10pm in Hong Kong / Singapore.   All GRUEN participants are welcome to attend these optional conferences!

The link to the web conference is:

A couple of other teams plan to present their GRUEN designs in the web conferences next weekend.

If your team is interested in this optional live presentation in a web conference, please let me know.


GRUEN workshop moderator & technical consultant