GRUEN - all aboard for the design stage!

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GRUEN - all aboard for the design stage!
by Brant Knützen - Tuesday, 28 April 2020, 12:51 PM

Hello GRUEN participants!

We had a good web conference on Saturday, April 25.

Advit & Anaant of Group 20 presented based on their evaluation of Gurgaon / Gurugram.  They discussed:

  • Started with Suzuki plant opening near a collection of small villages

  • Growth in an unplanned manner

  • AQI over 800!  World’s most polluted city!

Dhruv & Chirag of Group 22 also presented their evaluation of Gurgaon, and then Ishaan and Purvi discussed Chandigarh.

  • Planned by Swiss/French urban designer Le Corbusier at the request of the Indian Prime Minister

  • One of the cleanest, best organized city in India

I think their evaluations did a great job highlighting what a huge difference having a good urban plan makes for the future happiness and quality of life for the inhabitants of a city!

If anyone would like to play back the recording of the web conference, it can be accessed using this link.  The passcode is GRUEN.

Baani and Sharvi asked if they could present next Saturday, May 2.  Most of the group said they prefer Saturday for web conferences, while a few requested a conference on Sunday, May 3.  We'll use the same time slot, so it will be 4pm in Spain, 7pm in Pakistan, 7:30pm in India, 7:45pm in Nepal, and 10pm in Hong Kong / Singapore.

I have opened the next unit: Designing your GRUEN, so the leading groups can get started in the planning forum discussion.  

I see that 4 groups in the 20's have already posted to create their group discussion areas!

Quite a few groups have inactive members, so we will allow them ONE MORE WEEK to login and catch up with the activities.

On May 4 I will purge the project participants who are not active, and we will consolidate the groups so there are at least 3-4 active members in each group.  If you know any of the inactive members, please contact them about rejoining ASAP!

As teams begin to consider how to deal with the issues around their criteria, I suggest that everyone do some research into solutions.   Here's a good article about how India could look at how other countries handle waste management.

Gambali of group 40 posted recently about the huge landfills of Delhi, and included a picture of the tower of trash at Ghazipur Landfill!  (attached)

It made me think of the movie called Wall-E, where Earth became uninhabitable due to the mountains of trash.  

Here's the trailer:

If you can find the movie to watch, I think it's a fun movie that conveys some important messages about living a sustainable lifestyle!


GRUEN workshop moderator & technical facilitator