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Video capture and editing - let's get going!

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Video capture and editing - let's get going!
by Brant Knützen - Monday, 16 July 2018, 10:59 AM

Good morning SDG Asia participants!

I have added content to the Video unit, including examples, tutorial videos, and links to download the Free Trial version of Camtasia Studio 2018.

I hope everyone can get started this week capturing video.   I think all the teams plan to capture video using cameras: showing the context of the issue, interviewing people, displaying their solutions, and making statements about their vision of implementing their ideas.

All of these camera videos and still shots need to be loaded onto a computer for editing.

In addition, teams might consider using an animation tool to illustrate a "zoom in" to microscopic processes, or a "zoom out" to show a macroscopic big picture of the solution.  Several teams explored the use of the virtual world of Second Life following our last web conference, in particular the Etopia Island with its vision of sustainable living.  Animation tools may generate an MP4 clip, or you may need to use a screen capture tool such as Camtasia Recorder to create a clip.

You should all have storyboards and scripts by now, so you have a good idea of what scenes and dialogue you hope to capture on film.  We will continue meeting in web conferences each week to discuss progress and any problems you encounter.  You should set up a YouTube channel for your project (based on a Gmail email account), so you can publish Unlisted videos to share your progress.

Madhavan of LDC team has posted his video "teaser" as a taste of what they plan to produce.  Hopefully teams can share some "dailies" of their raw footage on the Video unit discussion forum to show what they are working on, and the progress they have made.

As we discussed in the web conference, I realize that video production takes time.  By the end of July I hope that all teams can share the footage they have captured, and discuss their plans for editing and production.   As some team members work on the website to "frame" their video with supplemental information, others should focus on video editing.  By mid-August I think all teams should have their rough draft videos ready to share, discuss, and give feedback / suggestions for improvement.  The last two weeks of August will be for finalizing the videos with titles, music, scene transitions, credits, etc.

All of the project workshop activities have been preparatory to date:  now the real work and progress towards illustrating your vision begins!

Best wishes for your success!