Congratulations to team 29, and morning session web conference

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Congratulations to team 29, and morning session web conference
by Brant Knützen - Friday, 24 April 2020, 1:48 AM

Hello GRUEN participants!

I'd like to recognize Group 29 (New Delhi) for their excellent presentation evaluating their city in the web conference today!

Arnav, Utkarsh, and Abhyudit (Team AUA!) took turns narrating their evaluation based on their forums posts, and did a great job explaining how their city rated on the criteria they had selected!

You can see the recording of the conference at:   Passcode: GRUEN

This is a great way to prepare to do your presentations of your GRUEN design, the goal of this project!

Team AUA had collaborated from their homes to collect the results of their research in a Google Document, which is an excellent way to work together to develop a group document!   You could also use a WhatsApp voice / video call to provide audio as you work together on the document.  You share the link to the Google Doc in the chat, and voila! collaborative construction of knowledge!

I was happy to see participants from other teams join the conference, including Advit, Jiya, and Aneet!

The next conference is tomorrow morning, Friday, April 24, in the morning: 8:30am in Pakistan, 9am in India, 9:15am in Nepal, 11am in Spain, and 11:30am in Hong Kong.  I know that all of the Indian students have remote learning sessions with their schools in the morning, so they cannot join this one.

Arnav asked if we could have a web conference on Saturday, which is fine by me.

I will host a conference on Saturday, April 25, in the afternoon / evening: 4pm in Spain, 7pm in Pakistan, 7:30pm in India, 7:45pm in Nepal, and 10pm in Hong Kong / Singapore.

I hope to hear from the groups who have been posting evaluations of their cities: Hong Kong (Group 9), Chandigarh (Group 21), Hong Kong (Group 6), Delhi (Group 8), Delhi (Group 20), Chandigarh (Group 20), Bhaktapur (Group 11), Faridabad (Group 28), Kota, Guguram....anyone who is ready to share their work!

I hope that students from Algeciras, Spain can join this conference, and perhaps even share about their city!

The link to the web conference is:

Students can login using their phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs or Macs.

Mobile users can download the free Connect app from Adobe, and PC/Mac users can download the app or just load the link in their browsers.  Better to use the app, so you can get a microphone!  Just go in as a Guest, and type the name you want me to call you.

I recommend headphones / ear buds if you want to hear clearly, and to avoid any echos if you want to use voice.  The room is always open, and I highly recommend that you try loading the software and entering the room at least an hour or more before the conference, to make sure you can troubleshoot any problems.  Once in the room, there's a pull-down menu under Meetings, select Audio Setup Wizard to test that your speakers and microphone work ok.

Finally: are you proud of the contributions you have made to the GRUEN forum discussions?  I would like to see at least a half-dozen volunteers step up to try using their microphone to explain and elucidate their posts to their peers!

Best wishes,


GRUEN workshop moderator & technical facilitator