Recognition of progress and excellence, and web conferences!

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Recognition of progress and excellence, and web conferences!
by Brant Knützen - Tuesday, 21 April 2020, 5:41 AM

Hello GRUEN participants!

I see that many more groups have collaboratively developed their criteria for evaluating green cities, and a half dozen "paired teams" have now made good progress on evaluating THEIR cities!   I would like to congratulate Kadence Wong of Group 6 for her excellent post evaluating Hong Kong!   Her post does a great job stating the criteria she chose to use (bolded text), explaining in a few sentences how her city is doing on that criteria, providing links back to her sources, and illustrating her context with great pictures!  Note that she used the "Insert Image" button to bring in her pictures, not just appending them to the end.

I invite all participants to look at her post for an example of how to best present your ideas!

Another good example would be a small conversation thread I started about Bhutan's famous "Gross National Happiness", then asked "Would a measure of community vitality help evaluate a green city?", and closed with the evocative "What do YOU think"?

Three students took up this challenge, and I want to recognize Urja, Jeeval, and Aditi for their thoughtful responses!

Next: several students have asked me about the City-building simulators and design tools page.   As I said during the last web conference, the use of a city simulator is OPTIONAL.   For those students who want to actually lay out their dream green city, a simulator might be a good choice.  Perhaps those who incorporate Transit Oriented Development, for example!  Another benefit of SimCity Buildit, for example, would be to learn how a city grows, and how those green options for waste management, sewage, and power generation are difficult for poor city governments to afford!  Note that there are good tool choices that are free: the GRUEN project does not require or expect any participant to pay for anything.

I'm just making the city-building simulator page tool available for early explorers, who may have plenty of time on their hands during this virus lockdown period!

Last: we can try meeting for a second web conference to review progress and plans!  I have scheduled two this week: 

  1. Thursday, April 23, in the afternoon / evening: 4pm in Spain, 7pm in Pakistan, 7:30pm in India, 7:45pm in Nepal, and 10pm in Hong Kong / Singapore.

  2. Friday, April 24, in the morning: 8:30am in Pakistan, 9am in India, 9:15am in Nepal, and 11:30am in Hong Kong.

These web conferences are optional, but they are a great way to get to know your teammates, and for me to get to know all of you!  They're also good practice for presenting your work via distance learning, which may become MUCH more common with the Covid-19 lockdowns of school.  I have also set up individual rooms for EACH TEAM, which you can use to coordinate your project development with your teammates!

The link to the web conference is:

The main conference room can handle up to 100 simultaneous users: first come, first served!

Students can login using their phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs or Macs.

Mobile users can download the free Connect app from Adobe, and other users can just load the link in their browsers.  You'll be prompted to download a small browser plugin, and then just go in as a Guest, and type the name you want me to call you.

I recommend headphones / ear buds if you want to hear clearly, and to avoid any echos if you want to use voice.  The room is always open, and I highly recommend that you try loading the software and entering the room at least an hour or more before the conference, to make sure you can troubleshoot any problems.  Once in the room, there's a pull-down menu under Meetings, select Audio Setup Wizard to test that your speakers and microphone work ok.

Finally: are you proud of the contributions you have made to the GRUEN forum discussions?  I would like to see at least a half-dozen volunteers step up to try using their microphone to explain and elucidate their posts to their peers!

Do you want to be push yourself to succeed in life?  It's time to start being brave!

Best wishes for your success,


GRUEN workshop moderator & technical facilitator