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by Khushi Toprani - Monday, 4 May 2020, 5:37 AM

Hey there!

There are a plethora of criteria based on which each city should be judge as a green city, but the most important, in my opinion, are the following:

  • Sustainable land usage: has the land been divided adequately between urban creations and the natural environment? Is there a balance between the two?
  • Waste disposal methods: Are they sustainable? Do they recycle resources, to produce more useful products?
  • Pollution: Compare the level of pollution over a number of years, and deduce a trend. Based on the trend, judge if the county has taken measures to reduce pollution. 
  • Education: What percentage of the population is educated? Are the aware of what it means to use resources in a sustainable manner?

All these criteria should be measured over years, and deduce a trend for better judgement.