Propose YOUR criteria for judging a GRUEN


Picture of Eva Sánchez Cabeza
by Eva Sánchez Cabeza - Friday, 17 April 2020, 11:47 PM

     Hi !!!! In my opinion the criteria for judging a city may revolve around the following aspects : 

  • Water and air pollution : Air and water are vital elements in general for plants, animals and human beings, we need them to live and they also need to be clean so that they contribute to our health. The air gives us the oxygen we need and if the air is polluted it damages the health of all living beings. As for water, which is another very important element, it is equally necessary to take care of it and not waste it because if we lack the planet it could not have life, plants and animals would die and we would die, so it is important not to throw waste and also to ensure that industries are careful with the objects and oil they transport so that they are not thrown into the sea.
  • Nature and Biodiversity :  In order for the air to remain clean and pure, trees are also necessary because they purify them and for this reason they must also be cared for and not cut down, rather, they must be planted with more of them so that the air they breathe is better .

Picture of Aitana Correro Rodríguez
by Aitana Correro Rodríguez - Wednesday, 22 April 2020, 3:45 PM

Hi, In my opinion the air is what we need to improve, because without him we can´t live . If we continue pollute and we don´t stop it we can´t live on earth and also we have to take care of nature because it is a very important thing for our lives