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by Oishi Roy Burman - Monday, 4 May 2020, 8:53 PM

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry that I'm late. I live in Noida so industries are actually all I see around me. So here is what I have to propose:

1.sustainable use of land and water resources: 

Land provides an environment for agricultural production, but it also is an essential condition for improved environmental management, including source/sink functions for greenhouse gasses, recycling of nutrients, amelioration and filtering of pollutants, and transmission and purification of water as part of the hydrologic cycle. The objective of sustainable land management is to harmonize the complimentary goals of providing environmental, economic, and social opportunities for the benefit of present and future generations, while maintaining and enhancing the quality of the land (soil, water and air) resource. Sustainable land management is the use of land to meet changing human needs (agriculture, forestry, conservation), while ensuring long-term socioeconomic and ecological functions of the land. 

Water is a finite natural resource that is essential for our survival. Over the years the reserves of freshwater are running low and some regions in the world are faced with severe water stress. Climate change has impacted the pattern and amount of precipitation and the water shortage has escalated with rapid population growth and urbanization. As a result, we and the natural environment are confronted with a serious water shortage. Sustainable water management is a strategy for maintaining future water resources that include increasing water supply and managing the way we use freshwater to sustain economic growth for current and future generations. This article aims to discuss the state-of-the-art of managing water supply and demand as a natural resources and what indicators are being developed to identify water scarcity worldwide. The article reviews the technologies that have been developed to implement sustainable water management at the community scale, demonstrated with case studies. 

2. proper waste disposal 

Waste management is required to be done on daily basis as the amount of waste we generate on daily basis is mammoth in term of tons. Waste management though is very vague, being precise it’s important to understand waste segregation at source, waste processing and proper waste disposal. If we do not process it on daily basis then it starts piling up and ideally, we use value of it. I would say waste is ideally a resource if it’s handled in a right way within its timeframe.