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Group 20
by Anannt Jha - Sunday, 12 April 2020, 2:45 PM

The name green city in it self tells us that the major indicators of the city would be green .i.e maximum relation with the nature and minimum industrial and chemical influence.

  1. More and more use of renewable energy and resources to prevent depletion of the renewable ones and at the same time reduce the harmful effects caused by them to the environment.

  2. Reduce reuse and recycle: these are an essential part of a green and sustainable city which also helps in preventing depletion of resources. Basic examples can be reuse of non degradable materials like plastic.

  3. Access to public resources is a major component in a sustainable city which also results in more happier environment and helps in social maintenance of a society or city. They are the ones which enable people reach there max potential

  4. Proper sanitation: In the midst of a pandemic, we all know the importance of the moto”prevention is better than cure”.the ideal city should be properly cleansed with proper health facilities and faculties in case there is a wide spread of a desease.

  5. Control in the level of green house gases(methane,co2 etc): we cant control the level the level of these gasses in the atmosphere of a city, but reducing their emission would make a positive and significant change in the air quality of the city.

  6. Balance in economy in every sector: whether its in he field of education or entertainment or sports. There should be a specific ratio according to which money should be spent on each sector. This ratio should remain same in each and every part of the city.

  7.    And most importantly, the city should have ambitious, well defined goals and regular reporting of progress on their goals.S