GRUEN - join the conversation!

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GRUEN - join the conversation!
by Brant Knützen - Saturday, 11 April 2020, 11:17 PM

Hello GRUEN project participants!

Now is the time to join your group discussion about the criteria YOU think should be used to judge a green urban environment!

Each team member should propose 2 or 3 criteria, and explain why these criteria are important.

Take a look at Group 20: they are having a very interactive conversation, with everyone throwing in ideas, and asking each other questions!   That is the goal of this project: an exchange of perspectives and ideas!

After you get some ideas posted and some issues raised, try to set up a group video conversation to work on a consensus for your list of criteria.

You can use WhatsApp or Messenger, or whatever social media app you prefer, to coordinate a date & time.

I have set up an Adobe Connect conference room for each team, you can check it out at: (where X is your team number).   Connect is a free mobile app from Adobe, available on both Android and iOS, or you can use a laptop/desktop PC and a browser.  I recommend the use of headphones or earbuds, so you can easily hear each other and avoid creating a feedback echo.  Try sharing your desktop with a picture or diagram, so you can all see what you are talking about.   Or post a link to a website in typed chat!

On April 13 we will start the next unit: applying your chosen criteria to evaluate your own home cities, and sharing your research results with each other.

Each participant needs to post 3 replies to complete this discussion forum activity, so be sure to get online and get involved with your group discussion!

Best wishes for your success,


GRUEN workshop moderator & technical facilitator